Sunday, August 26, 2012

No Crying In Petaluma

Most likely, there were a number of mothers pitching baseball tears in Petaluma for their little league brawlers who made it to yesterday's U.S. Little League Championship game.  You mothers should know that your little men played like champions and deserve a champion's welcome home party.  

So moms, dry up those toddler tears and be ready to welcome home your Giant of a little man.  He may have left home a boy, but believe me, he ain't no little boy no moe! Life has thrown him a curve that will help shape his future as much as any parent's pampering can. How he and his parents respond to the adversity of losing on a national stage is crucial in both their development.

The Petaluma Little League team made all of Northern California (NoCal) as proud as a pumpkin's smile on Halloween.  Though  some Petaluma parents felt the heartache of the teams' 24-16 seven inning loss to Tennessee more than others, all will be able to celebrate along with the rest of NoCal as the historic, high scoring game becomes one of legendary proportions.

Congratulations Petaluma, You've Made History!

Good Luck Tennesse in your Battle Against Japan!

SERIES UPDATE:  Japan crushes Tennessee

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