Tuesday, August 14, 2012

19 Minutes of Tension (The Wager)

This short 19 minute film is a mental exercise in suspended reality. It stars a weird looking man the likes of bespectacled Les Nessman of WKRP in Cincinnati fame. He arrives at the apartment door of a younger man who's just opening it to go inside.  

Dressed in brown shoes, black socks, boxer shorts and a white tank top, the strange looking man, speaking in a strange way, offers to wager the younger man......."Big Time."  Carrying a bulky square, old fashioned suitcase that at first glance looks half the size of him, the strange man sounds as creepy as he looks. Not creepy in a scarred, psycho-type way, but more the normal, guy-next-door introvert who's mentally unstable.  

The Wager

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