Sunday, August 26, 2012

Raider Defense Takes No Prisoners

Yesterday's Raiders game at the Oakland Coliseum (O.Co) was hopefully a showing of things to come.  Though starting Quarterback Carson Palmer's play is still not on par with elite QB's in the league, the offense found ways to move the ball and put a touchdown on the board with him leading them.  

While Carson puttered and sputtered in the first half offense, the starting Defense was putting a hurt on the Detroit Lions high ranking offense.  They put the starting Lions quarterback out of the game, shut down Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, the same receiver who put a dagger in the Raiders at O.Co last December, and they continued their domination over running backs.  For as much offensive fire power the Raiders have, the team has shown that the Defense will most likely reflect the teams' personality through the 2012 season. I can live with that!

Former Raiders coach Hue Jackson talked about 'building a bully' in Oakland. New head coach Dennis Allen ain't talking about building a bully, he's put the bully, fully assembled, out on the field for our unbelieving eyes to behold.  Yes indeed.  For those visiting teams entering the Oakland Coliseum this season, the inscription above the gates of hell need apply; "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here".

Meanwhile, the second half offense, though playing against a second string I'm sure, played some amazing football.  Led by backup quarterback Terrell Pryor, the Raiders offense struck big and often, producing 21 points to seal the win. Pryor, who looked awful in his last preseason performance, appeared to have found his leadership quality, field generalship and passing touch.  Two plays where he ran like a gazelle, and one touchdown pass he threw on the run that spiraled perfectly toward a receiver in stride were enough proof for us watching that Pryor's got definite star player skillz.

I must give more discription to that beautiful pass he threw to rookie WR Juron Criner for a  76 yard touchdown. Pryor rolled out right avoiding the rush and while on the run lofted a right-handed pass across his body that had arch, timing and accuracy as it landed at the right place at the right time. Criner, who is billed as having catcher's mitt hands, pulled in the pass with a reach-down grab as he regained his balance and took it to the house.

We Ready For Some Football Ya'll!

Raiders Roll (NFL Quick Take)

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