Sunday, June 24, 2012

Historic Bay Bridge Series

Design by Kara Brown

The San Francisco Giants and Oakland A's battled it out for 4 hours and 15 minutes in a game full of drama and suspense.  It was truly a Hitchcock-like thriller showcasing an action packed beginning, tension building middle story and ending climax that simply took your breath away. I found myself pacing back and fourth while screaming at the television as if I was watching my beloved Raiders.  Talk about a game that brought out the passion of baseball fans.  

There was so much drama in this game 2 of a three game series.  If Friday's Game 1 was a classic, I'm thinking this game was an epic in technicolor.  So many plots and subplots to the game.  

Chronicle sports writer Susan Slusser wrote a wonderful article about the game.  She points out what many of us caught up in the tensions of the game might've missed; five players named Brandon played in the game, two for the Giants and three for the A's.  In a game that told its own story on the field, it was very entertaining to read Susan's "Brandon" angled article, 'SF Giants survive A's 9th inning rally, win 9-8.' 

I think Susan might of hit upon something.  If the 2010 Giants season carried a "Torture" theme, then 2012 is definitely a Giants "Survive" season.  Gloria Gaynor, where are you?

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