Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Giants Join Dodgers Atop NL West With 3 Game Sweep

The San Francisco Giants are on the rise while the former division leading L.A. Dodgers are nose diving. Today's game at AT&T park pitted Giants Tim Lincecum against Dodgers Chad Billingsly.  The Freak pitched the Giants to a 3-0 shutout and a share of that division lead the Dodgers seemed to have a strong grip on earlier in the season.

It was the first since moving to San Francisco in '58 that the Giants shutout the Dodgers three games in a row.  This three game series was dominated by Giants pitching, defense and hitting.  What more could a Giants fan ask for? Another World Series run? Why of course!

I was at the park today peeking some of the action from the knothole. The place was packed, so much so that the knothole usher had to institute the three inning rule, clearing the knothole visitors every three innings so that the line of visitors forming outside the gate could get a turn.

While waiting my turn I overheard talk of the Dodgers fan who drunkenly fell into the bay after Monday's 8-0 Giants win.  His friend supposedly said one minute he was standing next to him and the next he just wasn't there.  The coast guard dredged for his body but didn't find it.  Odd that I haven't read or heard anything in the news about the incident.  

With this most recent sweep of the Dodgers, who saw slugger Andre Either leave the game with an oblique muscle strain, the Giants have clearly become the team to beat in the NL West.  The Arizona Diamondbacks have been hot, but today it was reported that their pitching ace Hudson, might need tommy john surgery which takes a year to heal from.  Hudson's getting a second opinion. 

Congratulations Zito, Vogelsong and Lincecum on slaying Da'Bums and putting the Giants back where they belong.

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