Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ya Basta!

A book chose me today. The book titled "Always Running" by Luis J. Rodriguez is his memoir of growing up chicano in East L.A. back in the 70's. A book that immediately made me think of my daughter, who's had her share of gang violence and street life. So though the book will eventually end up in her hands as a gift, I hope to read it first to enjoy what seems to be a well written account of a young man who transforms his troubled life from a death wish to a cause for unity and change.

In visiting Rodriguez's web-blog I learn that he's used his writing talent to fight against all sorts of injustices. His latest blog "Chicano Moratorium Against the Vietnam War" is educational as well as inspiring for anyone with a sense of duty to humanity. He ephasizes the need for any and everybody to involve themselves in stopping unjust wars by means of their artistic talents and/or driven desire for justice.

I learned from his blog the spanish term "Ya Basta", which means "that's enough." Luis has been fighting to bring life and political awareness to his people and those who can relate to the southwestern mexican-american plight of overcoming poverty through unity. He writes in the voice of a revolutionary who will continue the struggle, forever.

I believe I read in the opening to his book "Always Running" that he wrote the book after seeing his son begin to go the route of gangs, stealing and drugs that he'd once traveled. What a father, to exposed his sins to the world so that his son, and hopefully other troubled youth out there, can hope for change and take steps toward making changes in their lives.

Right On Luis J. Rodriguez.

"Ya Basta"

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