Sunday, September 23, 2007

Raiders Pull a Shanahan to Win Game

A beautiful day at the Oakland Coliseum as the Oakland Raiders block a field goal attempt on the last play of the game to defeat the Cleveland Browns 26-24. Last Sunday it was Broncos coach Mike Shanahan calling a last second time-out to make Janikowski do a do-over from 52 yards out. He didn't make it. And neither did the Cleveland kicker this week thanks to Tommy Kelly and the special teams stuffing the kick and giving the Raiders their first win of the season. The Raiders offense, with Dante Culpepper at the helm, had a 15-play, 80-yard, 9:06 drive in the third quarter that resulted in a Lamont Jordan 1-yd run for a touchdown.

Congratulations Lane Kiffin for your first win as a NFL coach. Welcome to the regular season Dante Culpepper, you've got the keys to the car so let's see you drive us to the promised land, Playoffs.

Scouts Buzz
The Oakland Raiders special teams got their revenge this week against the Cleveland Browns. Although the Raiders gave up a long touchdown return to Cleveland's Josh Cribbs, they redeemed themselves at the end of the game when they blocked a Phil Dawson field goal. Dawson is not to blame in this case. The left guard and left tackle on the Cleveland field goal team were split and that's what caused the field goal block. Oakland special teams coach Brian Schneider called a triple middle block, which has three Oakland defenders pushing three down lineman on the right of the long snapper. It caused leakage against the Browns and allowed the Raiders to block the field goal and earn their first win of the season.
-- Marwan Maalouf, Scouts Inc

And Just for Laughs here's the Philadelphia Eagles Lucky 1930's Throwback Uniforms. Don't laugh, the Detroit Lions did and lost the game 56-21. Wonder how Donovan McNabb feels now as a black quarterback forced to wear canary yellow and powder blue gear. Yes, color matters in the NFL Donovan.

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