Friday, September 07, 2007

BEAT L.A..........BEAT L.A............BEAT L.A.

If you weren't there tonight you missed a beauty. Bottom of the ninth, tie score 4-4, Daniel Ortmeier of the Giants hits a walk-off Solo Home Run to end the game. Big celebration at the plate, Quick shot of a dejected Lasorda on the big screen, Dodgers fans stunned while Giants fans cheer "Beat L.A." all the way out the gates of AT&T Park and into the streets. People on cell phones telling friends about what they'd just witnessed. It was the quietest I've ever seen so many Dodgers fans and the most celebratory I've seen Giants fans since Barry hit 756. On the bus ride home Giants fans were actually singing songs and being tauntingly friendly to Dodger fans. Someone actually mentioned Playoffs. It was the night that Orange outfoxed Blue. I believe it was the first win at home against the Dodgers this season.

Duck The Fodgers!
SF 5
LA 4

A great night for a Giants win.

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