Sunday, September 10, 2006

Raiders Tailgate New Feature

Raider Fans, do whatever you gotta do to have Monday afternoon off at work. Because the pre-game tailgating activities are gonna kickoff five hours before game time, and it's gonna be a Party. You know how we do it out there.

There's a new feature to tailgating this season, the Oakland Raiders Organization has setup a "Tailgate Zone" in the Coliseum parking lot. This might be worth checking out. The Tailgate Zone pic alone got my passion bubbling. Great artwork Raiders. Seems to be another improvement by the organization in attempting to bond with us fans. A good tailgating event for the kids too.

Remember to be responsible and Tailgate Safely. The eyes of the NFL will most likely pay a visit to our tailgating neighborhood come Monday and we don't want the cameras misrepresentin our passion for the Raiders. We may bleed silver and black but there's no honor in spilling blood while tailgating. It's a Party!

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