Friday, September 08, 2006

The Autumn Winds are Calling

I arrive home Friday after putting in a good days work. One new message is flashing on the answering machine. I press play and hear a pre-recorded message from Oakland Raiders Hall of Fame Center Jim Otto. When you think of Jim Otto you think of a tough, durable and loyal Raider who still bleeds silver and black. He's the only player I remember wearing number 00 other than 1970's Oilers WR Kenny Burroughs. Simply put, Jim Otto is a Legend.

So when the message started with "Hi, this is Jim Otto of the Oakland Raiders Organization" I stopped opening my mail and froze with mouth open and ears tuned in. Its not often I've gotten a call from a Raider Legend thanking me for purchasing season tickets and encouraging me to bring my passion to the coliseum on Monday night against the Chargers. Jim f*cking Otto, the silver and black John Wayne.

I know it was just a pre-recorded phone call that could have been a marketing pitch except for one noticeable thing. Jim wasn't selling anything, he wasn't taking a survey or asking for donations. The call was a sincere attempt from the Oakland Raiders Organization to reach out and show their appreciation to every season ticket purchaser. I don't think the OFMA of years past even sent a hint of appreciation much less a phone call of thanks from a Raider Legend.

For those of us who received the call, we appreciate being acknowledged for supporting our team. It's things like this that make our Raiders family that much closer. You know how a parent feels when receiving a call from their child just because they appreciate you. Well, we of the Raider Nation see our team as our baby. We support it as best we can through all the trials and tribulations of growing. Through the good times and bad we're there cheering or comforting our team. And when our child proves itself superior we'll be there crying tears of joy as our Raiders hoist the Lomabardi Trophy into the air claiming victory for our family.

We Are The Raider Nation. We Support One Another. We Welcome the 2006 Season.

Let's Play Some Football!

Win Lose or Tie
Raider T'il I Die

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