Saturday, September 02, 2006

#85 Doug Gabriel Traded to New England

I was shocked to hear the Raiders traded Doug Gabriel. I thought Gabriel was the best possession receiver we had and always seemed to come up with spetacular catches. If the reason for trading Gabriel is because we have depth at wide receiver then I sure hope Ronald Curry can stay healthy and Jerry Porter stays. If defenses continue to double Moss, then that all important possession receiver becomes very important for us.

Gabriel was also good for returning punts. If we're trying to get to and win a superbowl "NOW," I don't understand giving up so much for a #1 pick next season.

I don't believe Art Shell could have had a say in the decision. Art has to know the importance of Gabriel in the offense. I'd almost say that Gabriel is, I mean was the closest thing to a Cliff Branch that we had. So much for returning to the glory days. I'm pissed at the Raiders for making a decision that may just come back to bite'em in the azz.

Congratulations New England Patriots on acquiring a quality young receiver that will pay dividends for years to come.

Thanks for the memories Doug, and good luck over there in the east.

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