Sunday, November 06, 2016

Senator Pacquiao Returns to Office In Victory

Manny Pacquiao came out of retirement last night to out box WBO welter-weight champion Jessie Vargas. The Philippine Senator ended the night in triumph, walking away with the WBO championship belt. 

Manny was just about flawless in his comeback. His punches were quick and powerful while his stamina was as enduring as ever. Vargas, ten years Manny's junior at 27, came into the fight like most champions, unafraid and confident in his abilities.  By the end of the second round, after being knocked down by a lightening quick Pacquiao straight left, Vargas' body language exhibited signs of a tight, guarded, cautious boxer who'd underestimated the speed and agility of his opponent. 

That mask of cockiness Jessie displayed before the fight was all but melted away. Great veteran competitors can do that to young opponents.

Vargas wouldn't go down again in the fight but would sustain damage to the face from Manny's punches. Vargas actually might've won a few rounds on points after the knockdown round, but it was Manny's great footwork and relentless bobbing attack that stole the show and title. 

I think ringside announcer and boxer Timothy Bradley said it best about the energy and endurance of Pacquiao. In answer to whether Pacquiao's senatorial duties and other civic activities outside the ring are dulling his skills inside the ring, Bradley said when he saw Manny a few days before their fight, Manny looked tired and weak. But when Manny got into the ring to fight him he seemed  puffed up, energized and excited to get the fight started. Bradley then said that's why they call him Pacman.

Congratulations and Welcome Back Senator Pacquiao!

"How Manny Pacquiao Beat Jessie Vargas Round By Round"

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