Monday, November 21, 2016

Raiders Comeback Win In Mexico City

The 2016 AFC West Oakland Raiders are now 8-2 after winning a game where they were outplayed by the Houston Texans for three quarters. As we football fans all know though, it's a four quarter game and how you finish is what defines a winning team. 

Both teams were sucking wind in the high altitude Mexican city. Both teams had to adjust to a sloppy, slippery field. Both teams were desperate for a win that would extend their leads in their divisions. The Raiders fought, battled and accomplished what they set out to do, just win baby.

Don't look at the box score if you wanna know the heart of this Raiders win. Like Oakland native Andre Ward, who overcame a bad start to win a unanimous championship boxing decision this weekend over Sergey Kovalev, they say he won it in the final round. The Raiders seemed on the ropes most of the game, but scored fourteen points in the final quarter to get the win.

It wasn't pretty, quarterback Derek Carr and his receivers weren't getting it done.  Roberts and Crabtree had a number of uncharacteristic drops. Had to be the high altitude combined with coming off a bye week. The running game, the pride of their last victory against the Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, was non-existent. To make up for the running game they threw passes to the running backs and that was key to this win. Defense bent all night and looked tragically broken at times. 

But that fourth quarter was Raiders Time; the moment of truth for a champion. And the Silver & Black delivered. Raiders fullback Jamize Olawale's 75 yard touchdown catch to tie the game in the fourth quarter should've been accompanied by the conga beating chant from Ali;  
The Champ is Here!
The Champ is Here!
The Champ is Here!
The Champ is Here! 

On the Raiders next possession Amari Cooper's 35 yard touchdown, with fellow receiver Seth Roberts throwing a key block that freed up Coop, let you know the boys in black weren't going to be denied; altitude be damned. 

The team overall had blown a bunch of opportunities and some might say they got a few breaks thanks to the referees; I say it's about darn time! Thank goodness for the teams' never quit attitude. Without it the fourth quarter might of been a Houston Texans rout. Instead coach Jack Del Rio, gamble boat Jack, was grinning like a Cheshire cat at the sound of the gun ending the game as the Oakland Raiders booted the Texans back to Houston with a loss tagged onto their sombreros.

Congratulations Oakland Raiders and Andre Ward
Pride & Poise

Final Score
Texans 20
Raiders 27

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