Saturday, November 05, 2016

Fox News Apologizes For False Hillary Clinton Report

Won't we all be glad when this election is finally over. The indecency and lack of integrity of those we citizens of the United States once held in high esteem for their professionalism and intelligence has shattered our perceptions of democracy.

Those who we trust to inform us with truths can no longer be trusted. The price in dollars and favors for information, true or false, has created a journalism market that reports first, then asks questions about the authenticity and accuracy of what it reports later. This makes for a suspect news media and a failed attempt at journalism.

If I can say anything about anyone and then apologize for my inaccuracy or mistake without any repercussions I could be a wealthy news figure. I could make up new words that define what I did as not being dishonest and/or  disingenuous. Heck, my apology can be made to sound as if it was my highly investigative journalism skills that exposed the falsehood I myself inartfully reported.

Bottom line is once words are said about someone they can't be taken back. All journalists know this. All children are taught this. And still we see media apologies such as this latest to a U.S. Presidential candidate. Must we become as children again in order to rediscover the life lessons passed down to us?

I read recently that power and authority are two completely different things; "power implies that we can accomplish what we plan. Authority signifies only that we may order it to be accomplished." This quote I came across in a novel by Morris West titled The Clowns of God.

It's a story that deals with politics, power, faith and Armageddon. It was written in 1981, but could easily apply to today's world of politics and power. I'd like to think our future political climate can be one where going low is seen as an illness in character and disqualifies one from serving the people of this country. Maybe it should apply to journalism as well, because news affects lives.

With the 2016 Presidential election only days away, I'm trusting that where power and politics have failed us, Divine guidance will light a path for us to tred through our darkest hours. Here's another quote from the book.

"The language of politics is contrived for the concealment of truth."


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