Friday, November 18, 2016

Raiders Mexico City Tribute

John Carlos to light Raiders Torch in Mexico City game

Firstly, I gotta salute Raiders owner Mark Davis for not only returning Olympic Medalist and human rights icon John Carlos to the city where he made history, but also how and why he's doing it. Mark is simply honoring a place and time that is in much need of remembrance. 

At 13 years old during that historic fist-raised moment in 1968, Mark remembers well the significance of what John Carlos and Tommie Smith had done. In a great article by staff writer Paul Guiterrez, it talks about how Al Davis and his AFL power house Oakland Raiders team of that era were paving the way for racial diversity and equality in football.   Al's son Mark, today's team owner, is keeping the family and organization legacy going with his decision to invite John Carlos to the game. And his commitment to the players was evident in how he conveyed his support of John Carlos and his decision. Mark definitely manned up on this decision. Go get'em bro.

Given the current controversial issue over athletes protesting the national anthem, it almost seems fitting to have John Carlos, one of the men who began it all with his infamous boycott of the national anthem at the 1968 summer Olympics, lighting the torch for Al Davis and the Raiders organization at Monday Night's NFL game in Mexico City. It takes a courageous owner and organization to honor a man and event that were once considered by many to be dishonorable; the Colin Kaepernick of 1968 will stand, most likely, with fist raised at the next Raiders game. You won't wanna miss it, much less the game.
I'm proud to be a fan of an organization that has stood and continues to stand for equality, civil and human rights.

The (7-2) Oakland Raiders are designated the home team and will host the (6-3) Houston Texans this Monday in Mexico; wall or no wall.

Win, Lose or Tie  

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