Sunday, October 02, 2016

SF Giants Sweep Dodgers To Secure Wild Card

Congratulations Giants! I Was Wrong. 

The San Francisco Giants somehow eked their way into an MLB playoff round. Granted, it's a short round of one wild card game that could turn their Orange October into a deflated Halloween pumpkin quicker than you can sing take-me-out-to-the ball-game. But with this being an even year they have a shot.

That shot came courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who came into the Giants ballpark this weekend and got out-dueled 19 runs to 4 in a three game sweep. Giants pitchers Bumgarner, Blach and Moore held the bums in check with 7, 8 & 8 innings of playoff ready pitching to go along with 5 hits among the three.

The Giants look to be ready to take on the Mets in New York on Wednesday. They've earned a shot at another championship parade down Market street, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. One game at a time. New York, get ready; here come Bochy and the boys from the Bay with one heck of an October pedigree. And they're hungering for a huge bite out of the Big Apple.  

In the infamous words of that hilarious presidential nominee who promises to give us everything except his tax returns; It's Gonna Be Great!

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