Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cubs Baseball vs College Football

How the heck do people not into sports get their weekend high? I hope it's legal. As for me, wow what a thrilling Saturday night of sports. 

The frick'in Chicago Cubs are in the World Series, after dominating Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers in a decisive game 6 that wasn't even close. It's only been 71 years since they went to the Big Shew! I know (2)Ohio State and Penn State are playing a competitive football game, but it's been the (16)Oklahoma vs Texas Tech. game that's had me locked in most of the evening. 

When I first tuned in and saw the Texas Tech. quarterback #5, eluding rushers and slinging the football for miraculous completions, I thought Golden State Warriors MVP point guard Stephen Curry had returned to college and suited up in pads, helmet and cleats. 

Who is this kid? As of the end of the third quarter he's approaching 600 yards passing. 600 frick'in yards! He and his good-hands receivers have kept the underdog Texas Tech squad in the game. Every time the Oklahoma Sooners score against the porous Texas Tech. defense, the #5 curry look-alike returns and just finds a way to match touchdown for touchdown. His last was an end around option he smartly kept and ran in for a 20 or so yard touchdown. The kid is definitely a gamer with lots of heart and a never-say-die attitude. 

Oklahoma just scored again to make it 55-45 Sooners with 9:00 minutes left in the game. Just got the word, Penn State BEAT Ohio State 24-21. That is a shocker

Congratulations Chicago Cubs on your historic National League Pennant win. Good luck against the American League champion Cleveland Indians. 

Passing Stats:  52 completions on 88 attempts for 734 yards, 5TD

Texas Tech. quarterback and baseball season pitcher, #5 Patrick Mahomes II, baby face assassin junior, has just thrown another long touchdown pass for the Red Raiders to make the score closer; 59-52. He now has 655 yards passing with 4 touchdowns. And get this; opposing quarterback #6 Baker Mayfield has passed for 524 yards with 7 touchdowns. Just so happens that Mayfield quarterbacked the Texas Tech. team in 2013 before transferring to Oklahoma for the following season. 

If you love offensive football, and who doesn't, this is the game of the day. There go the offensive sparks flying again. another Sooners big play touchdown. Damn there's nothing like football; nothing like it!

Lest we forget to acknowledge Oklahoma Sooners running back Joe Mixon with 251 rushing yards for 2 touchdowns and a highlight reel one-handed catch and run for a touchdown. There's those sparks again, touchdown Texas Tech., 66-59. College Football..........Crazy!

Final Score
Oklahoma 66
Texas Tech 59

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