Sunday, October 30, 2016

Raiders Penalty-Filled OT Victory; Torture!

Oakland Raiders wide receiver #10 Seth Roberts runs 41-yards past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense for a touchdown during overtime in an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016, in Tampa, Fla. The Raiders won the game 30-24. (AP Photo/Jason Behnken)

As a Raiders fan it was one for the ages. A game where the Raiders accrued more penalty yards (200) than the opposing quarterback did passing yards (168 ). A game where Raiders QB Derek Carr threw 40 passes for 539 yds and 4 touchdowns. No Interceptions! A game where tried and true veteran kicker Sebastian Janikowski missed two field goals that could have possibly ended the game; unheard of. It was a game of mistakes by Raiders coaching staff as offensive plays came in late and on-field personnel indecision added to the penalty bug.

The Raiders defense did an admirable job stopping the run and halting Buccaneer drives when we absolutely needed a stop, but the penalties at crucial times was painfully laughable. Khalil Mack did have one of his best games of the season with two sacks. But for the penalties, the defensive unit is improving.

It was a game where most Raiders fans watching the game thought there was no way they'd pull out the victory. And yet here I am, writing about one of the most improbable, unbelievable, zaniest road victories I've ever seen the silver and black pull off. If I was a betting man I'd had put the farm on the Buccaneers by half-time. The Raiders seemed to be moving the ball as many yards backwards as forwards thanks to all their penalties. And forget the referee conspiracies theories, these were legitimate, bug-eyed, caught-in-the-act-of-committing type charges that stuck.

Lucky for the Raiders they have a spectacular leader in Derek Carr who's definitely one of the top quarterbacks in the league. That many pass completions with zero interceptions? Unheard of in this day and age.  Amari Cooper, other than one out of character dropped pass, was money. Michael Crabtree gave the Buccaneers fits. Mychal Rivera and Donald Penn, yes offensive tackle Donald Penn, caught touchdown passes.  

And then there's #10 Seth; my boy Seth. Seth Roberts, who they say in the eight games he's caught a touchdown pass the Raiders have never lost. Who with 1:36 left in overtime caught a pass over the middle from Carr, took the sandwiching hit by two defenders, maintained his balance the way we know only Seth can do and dashed to the end zone for a 41 yard game clinching touchdown. Yes, that Seth Roberts. Pure Money!

Seth's touchdown was truly the climactic moment in a game full of thrills and agonies for us Raiders fans. You could say that seeing Seth cross the goal line was as emotionally draining as it was jubilant. Who watching could do anything more than give a hoarse battle cry growl, throw up their hands in triumph and then collapse exhausted on the spot. 

There are days when you watch your team play football and then there are days your football team plays you. Today my team played me like a drum for four-plus quarters and I loved every torturous second of it.

Just Win Baby!

Raiders 30
Buccaneers 24

"The fire that burns brightest in the Raider organization is the will to win" Al Davis

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