Friday, October 07, 2016

Giants Win; Mets Play Violin

And this is how I knew the San Francisco Giants were gonna beat the New York Mets. For as beautiful sounding the instrument that is the violin can be, its sound can give something of a defeated, crying surrender to certain sporting events. Kind of like a pleading to the sports gods for mercy.

The New York Mets, hosting the NL Wild Card Game, gave world renown violinist/conductor Itzhak Perlman the honor of performing the national anthem for the start of the game. Obviously, Itzhak is a Mets fan, though born in Palestine/Israel. Dressed in full Mets gear, the violinist began a solo rendition of the battle field anthem and immediately it seemed to me that the Giants would break the hearts of every Mets player and fan on this night.  Itzhak was merely "playing out the string"to delay what the baseball gods had already proclaimed inevitable; a SF Giants victory.

Come'on Mets, you put a musician out there from the tribe of one of the most suffering peoples of all times to play an instrument that is associated with foretelling the coming of doom & disaster, and you're shocked you lost?  Sorry Mets, but you sealed your wild card fate the moment Itzhak put chin to instrument and began stroking on the heartstrings of the baseball gods until they wept with guilt. For they already knew what had been prophesied for this sports event.

Final Score
Giants 3
Mets 0

note: Fri. Oct. 7, 2016  NLDS Game 1 -  Giants vs Cubs  6:00PM PST

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