Thursday, February 25, 2016

Warriors Just Can't Lose (51-5)

I swear I'd written off the Warriors in last night's game against the Miami Heat. Early in the game the Heat had everything clicking while the Golden State Warriors struggled.

I believe it was the first time this season, besides in the blowout losses, that I saw a team keep the lead away from the Warriors for the majority of the game. The Heat looked champion caliber last night. But there were some things the Warriors did that keeps them in all games when things are tight; they kept their composure, played solid defense and trusted in their superstars to make clutch plays. 

Steph and Klay. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson put the lid on a hot, three game winning streak Miami team that hadn't lost since the NBA all-star break. The Splash Brothers provided all the offense needed down the stretch for the Warriors to win the game 118-112.

Klay made a clutch defensive play by reading the offense on an inbounds and anticipating the right place to position himself for a deflection and steal.  It might've been the play to seal the game in the final seconds.

Our Champion Golden State Warriors are finding ways to win games when they're out of synch and playing hot teams on the road.  The Atlanta Hawks gave the Warriors a run in the previous night's game that the Warriors won 102-92. Every team is gunning for the champions, bringing their "A" game when facing the Warriors.  Especially in the East where they believe physical basketball wins championships. Doesn't matter the opponent's record, when the Warriors are in their town its a playoff atmosphere with a packed audience, there to see the team that is breaking league records and changing the culture of professional basketball.

Tonight they'll play the Orlando Magic, a team with a losing record at 25-30. Don't expect the Magic to treat this game like a visit from Disney World characters. When the World Champions come to play in your town it's not about fun and games, it's about showing the basketball world that your team has heart and is not intimidated by going up against the best.  

It wouldn't hurt the Orlando team to have some of that Disney World magic dust sprinkling down on them from Tinkerbell's wand come the fourth quarter. Because the Golden State Warriors are defying all odds of losing during crunch time, when the game is on the line.  

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