Sunday, February 07, 2016

Von Miller Leads Broncos To Victory


Von Miller causes two Cam Newton fumbles that lead to Broncos touchdowns. After the first fumble Cam and the Panthers offense would have one good drive the entire game ending in their only touchdown.

But back to that first Von Miller strip sack, it was HUGE!  It put the Broncos up 10-0 and sent a message to players, coaches and fans that the #1 Defense has taken over the game.

The Panthers could do little against the #1 Defense. A few big plays you can count on one hand and some Cam first down runs all seemed to occur on that one touchdown drive at the end of the first/ beginning of the second quarter.

Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense didn't fare much better against the Carolina defense.  Manning was sacked 5 times for 37 yards. He also fumbled twice, losing one, and threw an interception.  The difference was that Carolina only capitalized on one turnover with a field goal whereas the Broncos turned their recoveries into two touchdowns.

Panthers coaching staff had no backup plan to handle the Broncos pass rush. Cam was missing short passes and receivers were dropping some.  Their running game was bottled up most of the night and Cam seemed unwilling or unable to run after doing it successfully on the one touchdown drive.  

If ever a team got into the head of its opponent this Broncos team is that team. We watching the game might question why the Panthers didn't do this or that, but for the Panthers players out there going up against Von Miller and that punishing defense no explanation other than 'we got beat' will suffice.  

Sure Peyton Manning got another Super Bowl ring, likely his last game, but this championship belongs to the Denver Defense with SB50 MVP Von Miller leading the way. 

For us who love hard hitting and relentless pursuit in football, this game was one heck of a show. For those who wanted to see anything else, I hope the half-time show was as good for you as it was for me. Beyonce' in fishnets and stylish boot-pumps does it every time.

So let this football game be a lesson to all fantasy fans once again, Defense Wins Championships. Well, make that defense and a sexy half-time treat, u-go-gurl!

Final Score

Panthers 10
Broncos 24

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