Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ri·dic·u·lous Scores 46 pts, Strikes Down Thunder In OT

Here's what the basketball world is trying to put their head around tonight.  The Golden State Warriors, finishing the final game of a seven game road trip, forced the Kevin Durant led Oklahoma City Thunder into overtime.  How they got it to overtime is mind-boggling. How they won it in overtime is as unbelievable as their 53-5 league leading record. It took guts, composure, tenacity and a long-range shooting guard I call Ri-dic-u-lous. 

I think it was last seasons' Finals MVP Iggy (Andre Iguodala) who pressured Kevin Durant into a bad half-court pass that Klay Thompson tipped, Dramond Green barely saved from going out of bounds and passed back to Klay for the steal.  With less than ten seconds left Klay pushes it up court, passes to Iggy who takes the shot, misses, but is fouled with 0.7 seconds left on the clock.  Iggy is a 61% free throw shooter. He needs both baskets to tie the game and give the Warriors a chance for over-time. No Problemo! Iggy sinks them both, then gives the "Jordan Shrug" on his way back to the bench. Durant misses an inbounds turn and shoot and we go to overtime.

With the Warriors down again in overtime, the man I like to call Ri-dic-u-lous led the way to victory. Game tied at 118-118 and again with less than ten seconds left on the game clock, Steph Curry gets the ball past mid-court and takes the shot from what must've been midway between half-court and the three point line; nothing but net and the Warriors begin celebrating. The game clock is showing 0.6 seconds remaining. Ri-dic-u-lous!

Hell, I and every fan not wearing OKC gear was celebrating .  It was one of the most exciting, clutch shots in a big game this season and Ri-dic-u-lous nailed it like just another day at the office. With the game being a nationally televised Saturday night NBA showcase, everybody was watching and saw the greatness of Steph Curry that over and over only one word can justifiably describe; Ri-dic-u-lous.

The game likely solidified Curry's greatness in the eyes of many fans still stuck in the past. He'd come back from an ugly looking ankle injury earlier in the game, a showing of leadership and toughness. The guy is already legendary, tying or breaking more league and team records in this game. Kids and grown men on basketball courts around the world no longer wanna be like Mike, Kobe or Lebron. They wanna be.........Ri-dic-u-lous!

The Warriors had no business winning this game. They turned the ball over, they missed shots, they were out-rebounded 32-62, they put themselves in a big hole from the start. And yet and still they found a way to put away an elite team who's superstars (Westbrook (26pts) & Durant (37pts) were on fire. 

One stat I heard that shows just how amazing a feat this win was, even for a team like the Warriors, was how they led for only 29 seconds of the game. Practically an entire game plus overtime playing catch-up, unheard of for this seasons' Warriors. That's a 'never retreat, never surrender' attitude that champions are made of. It's a no worries, no panic while under pressure mentality that can bring out your best. The Golden State Warriors, with last year's regular season MVP knocking down 12 of 16 three pointers, were at their best when all looked lost. And this incredible win clinched them an early playoff berth.
46 pts

Final Score
Warriors 121
Thunder 118

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