Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Crime That Hits Home For Uber

Another mass shooting, more shocked and grieving families. All because yet again, someone with a gun lost all sense of what is right and did the wrong thing.

What caught my attention in this all too familiar occurrence was this description:

The suspected killer, a 45-year-old Uber driver named Jason Brian Dalton, was in custody Sunday but had not been charged, police said.

I understand that suspected killers have to eat too, but to think what triggered this guy to go off might possibly have been the pressure of being an Uber driver is a serious concern. I'd like to think that 99.9% of Uber drivers are well balanced and adjusted individuals just trying to get by making some extra dough on the side.  What's scary is accounting for that 0.1% who are walking (driving) time bombs set to go off at any time. 

Uber is known to not have the best set of screening protocols for hiring drivers. I expect to someday read a story that includes Uber in the heading along side terrorist threat or something of that nature, but that's just me. Not much that's reported in today's media surprises me. Why is it that life just seemed much safer when industries had government regulators breathing down their necks. 

As a global community we should remind ourselves that random acts of kindness far outweigh the random acts of violence in the world.  We must not perceive these violent acts as the norms of life today. Unfortunately, media journalism is a for profit business that thrives on sensationalizing acts like this. It becomes just another form of entertainment for news consumers.

We must see the forest from the trees and acknowledge that sometimes bad things happen in a good world and not the other way around.  Or else how could we ever teach our children to have faith, hope and love for all that is in this big beautiful world they'll inherit when we're gone.

Again, my prayers go out to the families of the victims of this crime. The calming news from this tragedy is that the Uber Driver, I'm sorry, the suspect, has been apprehended and is in police custody.

And remember, Uber doesn't kill people, people kill people. Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood NRA supporter out there.

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