Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Braxton Spin

In breaking down the science of Ohio State running back Braxton Miller's electrifying, 53-yard touchdown run, no vocal description can accurately depict what one observes with their own eyes while watching the video.

What's been deservedly labeled, "The Braxton Spin," is a once in a season (maybe football career lifetime) juke by a running back that may go down as the greatest non-Barry Sanders spin that's ever been caught on film. 

What makes the move so nasty is not only the instinctive speed, agility and timing of it, but the angled after spin run with Braxton barely breaking stride. After the spin it was nothing but open field in his sprint to the end zone with would-be tacklers in hot pursuit. 

The Virginia Tech. defenders must still be trying to figure out the Houdini-like magic in the move; how he do that?

It's a jaw-dropping, what did I just witness, never to be duplicated escape move that puts Braxton Miller in the top 10 of any "Best Of" college football plays of all time. They'll be talking about this play easily for the next 40 years.

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