Sunday, September 20, 2015

Raiders Outscore Ravens in Week 2

On one of the hottest days of the month, the Oakland Raiders got their first win of the young season against a feisty and favored Baltimore Ravens. With both defenses vulnerable againt the pass, Quarterbacks Derek Carr and Joe Flacco launched aerial attacks that made for one exciting game. No lead was safe and no hole too deep to climb out of as the two teams battled down to the final 30 seconds of the game.

Everyone felt that the team to have the ball last was likely to win the game. The Raiders got the ball back trailing the Ravens 30-33 with 2:10 left on the game clock.  Our receivers Crabtree, Cooper and Holmes got us close and my boy #10 Seth Roberts slammed the door shut with a 12 yard touchdown catch from Carr.  I believe the game clock showed 26 seconds left. The Oakland Coliseum went Beserk as suddenly every Raiders fan realized they might just win this game.

Its a sad fact that losing teams like the Raiders of late, instill in their fans a dreadful feeling of doom even when things appear to be going their way.  Not until Raiders cornerback Neikro Thorpe intercepted a Joe Flacco pass with 20 seconds left did the entire stadium exhale and begin a much needed early season victory celebration.  It was a true thing of beauty.

Final Score
Raiders 37
Ravens 33

Checkout Raider Mikey rapping about the win on Raiders Central.  Go Mikey! Go Mikey!

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