Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Sibling Beauty Unrivaled

Serena Williams defeats sister Venus in US Open Quarterfinal.  The sisters both played spectacularly.  Not being much of a tennis fan, I was impressed with the moment; two professional athlete sisters playing one another for a chance to be the best in the world. And on the biggest stage for the game. Incredible!

It's not the first time the two have met in a grand slam match, Serena now leading the sibling series 9-5. Other than the extraordinary talent of these two being on display for the World to see, the beauty of family, friendship and fun was not lost in the moment of competition. 

The end game hugging of these two sisters was the most beautiful sports moment I've witnessed this year. The two share a genuine love and respect for the game of tennis and each other. Now that's success.

The Williams family should be proud of these two young women as they remind us all that winning fame and fortune can never replace the love and support that comes from strong family values and spiritual guidance. 

Serena and Venus, I'm sure your parents are doing everything in their power to stay humble, lest their pride for the love you two have for one another infringe on a heavenly commandment. Knowing that our Lord is a loving and awesome Father himself, I trust your parents will some day be honored for an earthly job well done.  You Go Gurlz!


USA(1) Serena Williams
USA(23) Venus Williams
Arthur Ashe Stadium - 3rd Match

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