Friday, September 11, 2015

Raiders Sign LB Aldon Smith

Justin Tuck and Aldon Smith? Oh Boy!
somebody pinch me

What the......Who knew.  Former 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith has signed a one-year deal with the Oakland Raiders.  Now somebody tell me we ain't got Defense!

Aldon Jacarus Smith is a Raider, and even though he's likely facing suspension time for off field issues, when he does hit the field in silver and black expect our defense to be that bully that once head coach Hue Jackson talked about.

Speaking of Hue, he visits the Coliseum this weekend as Bengals offensive coordinator.  But back to the Smith signing.  Aldon is a beast of a player. You match him up with Khalil Mack and you got yourself a championship caliber defense.  Isn't the saying Defense wins championships?  Well folks, if Aldon can get his off field act together and Raiders defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr. can harness the beast mode out of him, expect some serious silver & black bruising to opponents on Sundays.

The San Francisco 49ers have become the minor league team for the Raiders pickings.  Former Niner wide receiver Michael Crabtree is already on-board with the silver & black.  Don't rule out seeing Kaepernick in a Raiders jersey sometime down the road.  In the meantime, it's the Friday before the first regular season game of the season.  The Raiders host the Cincinnati Bengals.  As a Raiders fan, its a season that carries the most promise since Gruden days.  

Let's get ready to rumble!

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