Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ohio State Buckeyes Are Champions

OSU Mascot Brutus Buckeye
(a buckeye is a nut)

The first National Collegiate Athletic Association Football Playoff Championship went to the Ohio State Buckeyes. They played their style of rugged, hard-nosed football that the Oregon Ducks could not match up with in a thousand years.

I missed the first Oregon drive where they zipped down the field and scored to lead the game 7-0. What I arrived to was a Buckeyes offense revving up its engine as it honked and gronked its way to a tying touchdown.  Now it was the Ohio State defense revving up and adjusting to the flash and slash trickery of the Oregon offense. 

When the Buckeyes got the ball back you saw a big, bruising locomotive rolling down the tracks with little Ducks bouncing off its sides unable to stop it. The Buckeyes pounded there way to a 21-7 second quarter lead before allowing the Ducks to squeak out a field goal before half-time.

The Ducks would edge there way closer to the eventual champion, mostly on gift turnovers from the Buckeyes, but everyone knew that barring a complete collapse, Ohio State was heading toward victory.

Sure enough, when the final whistle blew, the Ohio State Buckeyes were National Champions of college football.  The college football world was shown exactly what throwback football looks like in 2015.  The run and gun style of the Ducks was simply bowled over by a stronger team that executed the basics of football to precision: Quarterbacking, Running, Receiving, Defense.

We've gotten accustomed to seeing and hearing about all the grace and creativity in today's football game.  The pretty catches, the slice and dice running, the fast paced greatest shows on turf.  Ohio State reminded us that Football is, and always will be, a punishing and brutal sport that requires "beast mode" style strength and "go the distance" determination to win.

Congratulations Ohio State Buckeyes

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