Saturday, January 17, 2015

NBA Best GS Warriors 32-6

Because It's All Our Turf ! Can You Dig It? 
(The Warriors 1979)

The Warriors continued their dominating drive through the regular season in a 131-106 blowout of the Rockets in Houston.  The story, which never gets old to us long suffering Warriors fans, was the splash brothers; Klay Thompson and Steph Curry.  The boys have grown into their roles as leaders on the basketball court. 

Ask any Warriors fan who's been watching the team for the past say, 20 years. This is the best Warriors team we've ever seen.  They've had some good runs in that time, but never have they looked as ............Unstoppable as they do right now.

Klay Thompson shutdown Rockets offensive star James Harden tonight, keeping him 15pts below his average, while Curry simply took control of the game, lighting up the joint in a now all too familiar Warriors run that put them up by at least 20pts.   And the beauty of the splash brothers style of play and explosiveness is that's its addictive; the rest of the team feeds off the energy of their two stars, producing what looks like an all-star chemistry every time they take the court.

The Golden State WARRIORS are bopping their way through the best efforts of opponents who want to put a stop to their magical, mystical season.  So far they've been bested only six times in thirty-eight match-ups, Wow!

If you're old enough to remember the 1980's movie "The Warriors", then you know how this script plays out. 

Yes, the WARRIORS have come out to play. And this time the train leads to Oakland. Can-You-Dig-It!

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