Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Coach

Is it me or does newly acquired Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio look like a Raider?

I know this much, he's the first hire in a long time that comes with some head coaching experience.  I can't say for sure what Del Rio will bring to the Raiders, but anything resembling a winning season will be cheered. 

Its said that when he became head coach in Jacksonville he placed a wooden stump and axe in the locker room as a symbol of his then rallying cry "Keep chopping wood."  Its a good mantra coming from someone who played in the league for 11 years; keep swinging the axe and the obstacles, both personal and professional, individual and team, are whittled away leaving you with a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

'When you place it on the chopping block and swing the axe, it cleaves. '

I like that our Raiders will be led by a man that's been in the wars and walked the walk.  I also like that he hails from the hills of Castro Valley, a stones throw away from the Oakland Coliseum. And I like that he was a recipient of the Glen "Pop" Warner Memorial Trophy presented annually on the west coast between 1950-2004. 

Most of all, I like that he knows what it means to have the right tools and skills at your disposal and wielding them just so to produce the results intended.

Just Win Jack! Just Win.
Welcome Aboard

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