Saturday, January 17, 2015

Eve - A Novel Of The First Woman

Yes, even a boisterously swaggering Raiders fan likes a good book that features a female heroine every now and then.  In reading the book Eve I have to say I was shown parts of the many women I've been blessed to have had as a part of my life, with my mother at the top of the list. Mom was the first woman in my life.

The story speaks to you through female voices that are all too familiar. As a man, I found it fascinating how this book reminded me of the man I once was and the man that I've become.  The saying is so true, that it takes a good woman to bring out the best in a good man. And I'll add that it takes an understanding man to realize all that he has in a good woman.

My Amazon Review of the book:

4.0 out of 5 stars I Keep Coming BackDecember 8, 2014
This review is from: Eve: A Novel (Kindle Edition)
This book just will not let me go. Its one of those books I started while reading something else. It seems the book beckons me back every time I'm away from it for awhile. So now that I've finished the other book(s) I hope to make Eve my reading mate for awhile. I'd originally bought it for someone else, that's how enticing this story of Eve and Adam is. And though the writing is contemporary and gives no feeling of ancient mysticism being imparted, the book has a way of engaging the reader with its Garden of Eden tone and grace. There's an eternal peace flowing through this book that is familiar and pleasant to the touch.

To Be Continued......

And what a reading mate Eve turned out to be. Even with all the turmoil that arises from bad decisions on the part of some family members, the story flows along with a grace that only an all-knowing Creator could imbue. If you've ever finished a book and just wanna immediately share with others the companionship it brought you, then you know the feeling this book has given me. Yes, I really enjoyed the novel of the first woman Eve and the murder of her favorite child. I am one of six siblings and I confess here with a resounding no, I was not my mother's favorite. There were times that we all wanted to, to put it mildly here, vote the favorite off the island.  And yet my mother taught all of us the equality of God's love for us and the love we share for one another. She was an amazing woman, with all her faults, just as Eve is here. Thanks mom.

A Delacort Press Hardcover Edition / February 2009

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