Saturday, July 13, 2013

Timmy Smokes!

Giants Legendary pitcher Tim Lincecum did something in San Diego's Petco Field tonight that restored his confidence and fans confidence in him.  Timmy pitched a no-hitter...........

The Giants exploded for nine runs and it was Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Punce making big defensive plays to keep the no-no alive.  Hunter "rally-round-the-campfire-boys" Pence was on fire with five RBI's and a catch that should win him some kind of award. But tonight was Lincecum's night, he pitched the Padres into complete submission.

The last Giants no-no on the road was 1976 by John 'the count' Montefusco.  Giants pitchers have been spoiling us the past few years with this their no-no's in 2009 (Jonathan Sanchez) and 2012 (Mr. Perfect Matt Cain).

So go ahead Tim, spark up a big fat one. You're a legend and legends don't need permission to smoke. Not in the bay area where your a Giant legend.

Final Score
Giants 9
Padres 0

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