Saturday, July 20, 2013

Finding Your Element

The Commonwealth Club of California continues to amaze me with their selection of guest speakers. This morning I tuned in to hear the thoughts and ideas being shared by Sir Ken Robinson, English author out of Liverpool, speaker and International Advisor on education.

You truly step into a sort of twilight zone when listening to Sirken speak. He seems to open up that other dimension of life that we all seem to put aside and forget about so that we can better focus on just surviving.  He does it with facts, statistics, humor and common sense. The man is obviously a great teacher, one we should take timeout to listen to.

Sirken suggests so many good directions on how to get the most out of the one unique, magical life that you've been granted.  He touches on evolution, energy, education and self-discovery.  How refreshing to hear someone on an international level expressing the need for our modern culture to step back and take a wider view of ourselves and our future world.   

Hearing Sirken talk about the world population and consumerism reminds me of an old hippy I once met who said he knew the source of all humanities problems,"too many poeple."  I still consider that old hippy a genius in how he applied basic common sense to world issues.  Sirken may or may not have been a hippy back in his day, but his genius sure shines through when sharing ways to better our world.   

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