Friday, July 12, 2013

Multi-Universe Tournament

Stumbled across this virtual sporting event recently.  Its rounds of deathmatches between characters from every story in exisistence.  Winner will be crown God of Champions. I'd like to find out more about the battle, but not being a virtual fighter/gamer, I'm on the outs. One thing I will say about the participants is that their fighting characters come in all shapes and sizes with impressive looks.

Alex Mercer

As read in the introduction, this game with will be a tournament with characters from every story in existence. From ancient mythology to the latest hollywood movie. Any kind of character is allowed here. The game will be in a deathmatch between the characters. Which means they will be put together in the same arena and the last one standing is the winner. They will the become the champion of the tournament.

But that doesn't end there! Once 8 champions have been found, there will be a special tournament of champions! 8 people will select one of the past winners and they will be put into a deathmatch to determine who is the champion among champions! Then once again, when 8 champions of champions is selected there will be a special tournament to determine which of them is the God of Champions. The God of Champions will be forever immortalized in the thread.

Then the whole process starts over again. Characters that was used before can be used again to try there hand at ultimately becoming the next God of Champions.

Multi-Universe All-Star Tournament

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