Sunday, July 07, 2013

Stunning Silva Loss, Satisfying Victory For All

I'm not much of a MMA fight fan, but when a reigning fighting champion disrespectfully clowns around in the ring with a hungry opponent of lesser talent, I'll be the first to hope for an stunning upset. 

We all remember scenes like this in the past; Roy Jones Jr, Sugar Ray Leonard, Hector Macho Comacho Sr, Tyson vs Douglas for christ sakes just to name a few.  All were great champions, but many fans couldn't wait for an opponent to catch'em with a good shot to put their butt down on the canvas.

Well folks, last night Chris Weidman caught the seven-year reigning UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva with a shot for the ages.  Silva, hands down, bobbing and weaving ala Roy Jones, got knocked silly with a Weidman left after dancing away from a backhand right that glanced Silva's upper lip.  It was a thing of underdog beauty I tell yah.

The best thing about the Silva loss is the lesson; all the talent, cockiness and confidence in the world can be humbled in one split second when the sports gods look down upon a great one and whisper the words "Time's Up!"  Anderson Silva, last night was simply your Cinderella hour. Times Up! Its a Wrap! Get Your Coat & Hat! Did you really think you could taunt the fighting gods forever? Those who blessed you with such athletic talent ability?  Sorry Silva, "Time's Up!

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