Monday, November 05, 2012

Raiders Football

If the term rebuilding means tearing out what's decayed and replacing it with new or refurbished materials, then I'm all for it. But what I'm seeing in the Oakland Raiders rebuilding phase are good materials being wasted with faulty installation and all around bad planning.

I'm convinced it ain't the players that have the newly coached Raiders looking up from a 3-5 record.  I believe its the installer of the game plan not fully understanding how the parts work together.  Let's face it, our leadership are still trying to figure out what works and what doesn't while better planners would've assessed the problem and addressed it more quickly.

We all remember how long it took the staff of former head coach Tom Cable to tear out the faulty pipe that was QB Jamarcus Russell. Well in 2012 the fault again lies with the coaches not making the proper adjustments in a timely manner.  It took'em at least six games into the season to realize the offensive zone blocking scheme didn't fit, was leaking and needed to be replaced.  Now it seems other parts are leaking and they're doing their best to patch up the holes, but the opponents are simply exploiting those weaknesses.

Rookie running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Doug Martin, ran through the supposedly powerful Raiders run-defense like it was a computer and he was a new virus infecting it.   Martin took over the Raiders and the game in the second half as he piled up 251 yards (franchise record) and four touchdowns.  Give the Raiders credit, they fought back through injuries and all to make it a three point game with a chance to tie or win it in the final minutes. 

But just like a poorly rebuilt structure, when the pressure is turned up that's when the foundation gets tested and there lies the danger of flaws in the design. The Raiders design could not hold up against Buccaneers pressure and simply crumbled after a last gasp attempt to seize the day.

This morning my faith in the Oakland Raiders is truly being tested.  I no longer have high expectations for this year's team.  I'm finding it harder and harder to attend games and watch them through to the end. Cracks are beginning to leak in my armour of hope and I'm getting all wet inside. But I'm a silver & black soldier and I've been through tougher Raider Nation times (see Jamarcus).

While there's still eight more games left in this season I wanna see the Oakland Raiders do whatever it takes to shore up their armour and come out fighting like every play is a means to their survival.  No more leaky pipes. If its broke or leaking, address it immediately. 

Win, Lose or Tie!!!

Final Score
Buccaneers 42
Raiders 32

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