Monday, November 12, 2012

Missing In Action

Oakland Raiders Football, missing in action yesterday, rates little on the grand scale of things in the real world. Today we celebrate Veterans Day to honor all armed service veterans.  It serves as a reminder of the men and women who leave family and friends to defend our country with honor. 

Though many return to their civilian lives unscathed, there are those who've been scarred for life and still others who lose their lives in their loyalty to defending our country.  We salute all these Veterans today, those retired from active service as well as the ones who died while in service of their country.

I give a special honor and salute to those brave veteran souls who's whereabouts while serving have never been substantiated.  Today I salute the veterans who did not make it back to this country's shores. 

The MIA/POW veterans continue to serve our country as the ultimate example of bravery and courage in battle.  The family and comrades who carry that small glimmer of hope for closure on their whereabouts might never know how their lives ended except for one small thread of truth; that their sacrifice so that others may live in a free democracy was not in vain.

To the Prisoners of War and soldiers Missing in Action
We Salute You!

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