Wednesday, November 14, 2012

League Lockout Looking Long

NHL Lockout 2012 is no laughing matter.  Hockey fans have fallen victim to that tailor suited monster called greed. The dispute is over the owners' desire to reduce the following:

Players' guaranteed share of 57% of hockey related revenues (HRR)
Introduction of term limits on contracts
Elimination of salary arbitration
Changes to free agency rules

So there it is, good ol' greed in all its fancy clothing putting a halt to a fun time for all.  There was a time when professional athletes played for the love of the game and admiration of the fans.  Those times have been replaced with owner and player desires for bigger slices of the profit. 

To date, 326 games have been canceled from the scheduled start of the season through the end of November. The season is currently scheduled to begin on December 1, 2012. Currently Scheduled that is, not currently ready to begin. We''re midway through November and the way I read the scoreboard the suits aren't backing down from the jerseys and both are in the penalty box. Come'on NHL, the Puck Stops Here! You tell'em dashing Don.

Don Cherry - NHL Commentator

NHL Lockout Update: More Games canceled

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