Thursday, November 01, 2012

Land of the GIANTS!

San Francisco, known for its lavish Halloween street celebrations, outdid itself this year with an October 31st celebration like no other. 

The San Francisco Giants paraded down market street to the cheers and applause of fans decked out in their best orange and black costume.  It was in celebration of their winning major league baseball's 2012 World Series.  They won it in the most unpredictable way; a four game SWEEP of the media tagged best pitcher, hitter and team in major league baseball, the American League champion Detroit Tigers.

The parade was a time for players and fans alike to finally let their hair down, forget expert analysis and predictions and bask in the glory of Total Victory.  Throughout the post-season the Giants and their fans have been given little if any credit from national media for their accomplishments. 

Yesterday's victory parade erased all that. Other clubs and their fans should learn from the Giants 2012 success. If you hang your hopes of championship success on what people think and say about your ballclub, you're doomed.  Trust in the unseen things that are almost never talked about in the media; trust in your teams' belief in themselves and their dedication to their fans. 

The San Francisco Giants took two very important lessons from the Hunter Pence speech during the divisional series. They learned to put their trust in one another completely and "never-say-die" when facing post-season elimination.  These lessons are what carried the Giants to their World Series Championship.  For anyone who attributes Giants success to luck or a fluke, they're either unable to admit when they're wrong or just plain jealous.

The Giants played exceptional defense to backup extroadinary pitching. Manager Bruce Bochy would've made the late great chess master Bobby Fischer proud with his gameday manueverings. Without Boch, this doesn't happen a second time in three years and maybe not even the first time.

So look at us sports world, look at superstar-less San Francisco Giants in their diverse beauty and glory.  They've got a formula for winning and We Believe the key ingredient in that formula is commitment to each other.  I am very proud of my team and city.
Let's Go G-I-A-N-T-S!
Congratulations Giants!

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