Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Okay, So Dirk Can Ball

Battling flu-like symptoms Dirk Nowitzki played one helluva game of basketball in leading his Dallas Mavericks over the Miamia Heat in game four 86-83. The fix may be in for this finals series, now tied at 2-2, to go seven games, but Dirk is playing every game like its the last. The big guy seems determined to hoist the championship trophy even with the odds against it happening.

Miami's D'wade is also playing like an all-star, making shots and scoring like there's no tomorrow. Wade had Chris Bosh as a sidekick and Dirk had Jason Terry ratcheting up his game. So guess who's missing on the all-star highlight film? Yep, the MJ of this century, Lebron James.

The King simply disappeared down the stretch when Miami could've used that Jordanesque jumper or steal. Is it possible that The King is 'on the take' and controlling the game in ways only a gambler could imagine? I know, I know, he's as ringless a Nowitzki and needs one bad if he wants to continue wearing the crown. But looking at his performance last night I'd say something more than the Dallas Mavericks kept Lebron from being a factor in the game.

I shouldn't and might regret implying it, but must report what I and a few other conspiracy theorists have been thinking of these NBA Finals.

Say It Ain't So Lebron! Say It Ain't So!

Did U Know: Former Golden State Warrior Erick Dampier along with Eddie House are on the Mavericks roster but were scratched for this game?

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