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That my friends is why 14-year-old eighth grader Sukanya Roy of South Abington Township, Pa., is hoisting the winner's trophy and your not. This young lady survived the brutal, stress-filled, 15 round competition we've all participated in at some level once upon a time.

Sukanya is the 2011 National Spelling Bee Champion, out-spelling 274 contestants. Imagine, you've gone 14 rounds, now there's only one brash 12-year old from Canada standing between you and the national crown. Wait a minute! What's a canadian doing competing in "Our" national spelling bee?

Puts more pressure on Sukanya to win one for the nation. Oh well! As fate would have it, the Canadian falters and your up to take a swing for the walk-off.

You approach the podium, the same podium that kids have been known to faint at. The moment is silent and tense as your body tingles with cold perspiration. From the speakers you hear a cold, composed voice speak the word you're to spell.

You nail it!

When asked about her accomplishment, winning the 84th Scripps Tournament, Sukanya had this to say:
"I went through the dictionary once or twice, and I guess some of the words really stuck."

Sukanya tied for 12th in 2009 and 20th in 2010. Not only can she spell, but she has the persistence of a champion. Never Give Up.

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