Friday, June 03, 2011


I'd turned the game off after watching a gazillion replays of the Chris Bosh put back slam with maybe seven minutes left on the clock. Somewhere in between replays, Dwayne Wade extended the Maimi Heat's lead with a three pointer, making it 88-73.

After texting a cousin of mine about the mismatch on the court I get this reply back:

"It's like a grown man with his hand on a child's head, while the child is just swinging trying to make contact. It's OVER!!!! :'(

That child my cousin was texting about was the Dallas Mavericks at that point of the game. They looked completely overmatched by the Harlem Globetrotting Miami Heat squad of Wade, Bosh and King James.

Then I awake this morning to news about the miraculous Nowitzki and company comeback to "stun" Miami. I think this can't be, I must still be dreaming, I pinch myself and run out for a newspaper and coffee. Sure enough, there's a pic of Dirk pumping his fist with D'Wade lying on his back on the floor, like he'd been knocked the freak out and couldn't answer the bell.

Don't get me wrong, I wanted to see a competitive NBA finals as much as the next guy, but at the expense of the Heat taking a dive in a game they had to work at to lose? No Thanks.

I've voiced my suspicions before about today's sports competitions and the money behind the machine. While we fans become somewhat blinded by our allegiance to the sport or a team, there are happenings taking place that defy logic in the outcome of many a sporting event. Even seeing my Giants win the World Series was something I and every Giants fan felt defied logic. But we'll take it, we're fans.

Here's a good example, take the Indy 500 race this past weekend. A youngster (23 year old J R Hildebrand) is rounding his final curve in a sure fire upset of the racing field only to smack into the wall and slither home in second place. In the same race female driver Danica Patrick led the field for 10 laps, a first for any woman.

I'm sure the kid wanted to win that race, but somehow it wasn't in the cards for him. Was it his over enthusiasm in being so close or was it someone in the pit making sure he wouldn't cross the finish line first? In either case, someone won loads of money while someone lost a bit. As for Danica, maybe she's earned her accomplishments, but the thought of Nascar attracting more female fans, which equals female dollars from marketing Danica, sure makes for seeing to it that she races well. Both these incidents made for high drama in the race, which truly hooks viewers.

So Game 3 of the NBA Finals is this Sunday in Dallas,Texas. The Heat and Mavericks are tied at one game apiece. Because of last night's dive the networks are guaranteed the airing of three games from Dallas. I have a hunch they'll be airing from Miami before this series is over, and not because the Mavericks are so competitive a team.

Maybe I just read a bit too much and have what's called an "overactive imagination."
But then again..........Miami loses to Dirk in final minutes???????
Come'on Man!

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