Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

For Years I was afraid of You
But now I know better
You were just protecting what You Loved
From being harmed
I love You for giving Me that hereditary trait
I pray I can stand as strong as long as You have Father

Happy Father's Day
Your Youngest Son

I wrote this for my father for Father's Day some ten or more years ago, sending it pasted inside the card shown above. The card's princely picture captured everything I felt my father stood for during my childhood; guardianship, loyalty, dedication, duty and all that goes with overseeing a kingdom built from scratch.

My father may not have been a king of royal blood, nor was our home a palace full of material riches, but he was royal in his pride of family and you couldn't tell him his home was anything but a castle. Of all the riches he earned for his family there is one that will never lose its value; Respect.

Though he passed away two years ago, and I had many Father's Days in between to bond and enjoy his booming voice, I always return to the Father's Day I gave him this card and poem. For it was on this Father's Day that I first saw the love of a child melt a man with the heart of a lion and bring him to tears; tears of true accomplishment. My father stood guard long enough to see his son become a respectful man.

One of the greatest joys of fatherhood is receiving confirmation of love, honor and respect from his child. These I'll never stop showing you Dad.

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