Monday, March 14, 2011

They Wanna Fock With Us Fans!

Does the NFL think we fans are going to take this football strike lying down? I say we fans should Organize and Financially Terrorize any and all businesses affiliated in any way with the NFL.

I've been calmly praying and hoping that the NFL owners and its players would come to terms and work out a deal. I figured there's enough money to go around for all, its just a matter of agreeing to how they'll slice it up. Then when I got my season ticket renewal request, reminding me how much I annually contribute to these clowns, I got angry.
The NFL is billing me months in advance for a product they cannot deliver today. Ever buy something from a television or newspaper ad where they guarantee satisfaction or your money back? Isn't there always a catch? Well fellow fans, the NFL appears to be doing just that this season; marketing a flawed product with no concern for the sucker placing the order.

What fans need to remember is this: Much of that Pie owners and players will be slicing into is OUR money. Through contracts, sponsors and affiliates fans are supporting NFL owners and players without even buying a ticket to the game.

I came across an article by Susan Milligan on USNEWS website titled:

Football Fans and NFL Cities Should Go On Strike

I chose to comment on the article and share it here with Raider Nation and all football fans. If we have to suffer a loss, they should suffer a loss. Yes, an eye for an eye is what's in order for this situation. Below is my comment:

I agree that fans should hit the owners and players where it hurts, in their pockets. I learned years ago a strategy of protest that might just work here.

Most owners and many players are owners, partners or investors in other businesses. If fans put together a list of businesses associated with NFL owners and players, they can boycott the products of those businesses.

You think sponsors dropped Tiger Woods like a hot potato, wait'll affiliated businesses of the NFL see a drop in sales and investments. Watch as television & satellite affiliates begin suing the NFL because Fans are cancelling subscriptions due to the NFL's negligent behavior.

There's more fans than owners and players, it would definitely get their attention. We fans have much more power than we realize. The key is to organize and act with a tactical purpose.

Boycott NFL Products and affiliated businesses. Organize!

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