Saturday, March 26, 2011

Butler Coach Wanted

If you were around watching the MLB baseball playoffs in 2003 then you know the unfortunate story of Chicago native Steve Bartman and his cursed Cubs.

Steve Bartman, after interfering with a questionably catchable foul ball at Wrigley Field, was blamed for the Cubs losing the game and series. He was a marked man in Chicago and Cubs fans still claim to want a piece of him.

When I opened my newspaper this morning and saw a picture of Butler Basketball Coach Brad Stevens, I thought I'd found the wanted man and was ready to collect the reward. After all, my California lottery ticket didn't pan out in last night's $300 milllion-dollar drawing. I figured this must be God's way of opening one door after another has closed.

But this post isn't about past frustrations, oh no. This post is to congratulate Coach Bartman......I mean Coach Stevens for guiding his squad past #2 seed Florida in an elite-8 classic. The Butler Bulldogs will advance to the Final Four once more, and coach Stevens is at this moment the hottest coach on the planet. With defense and a collective calm while weathering many storms, the #8 seed Butler Bulldogs survived overtime to celebrate a 74-71 victory.

Meanwhile, Cubs fans are on the case and requesting proof of Brad Stevens personal, as well as professional history. After all, the Bartman was a little league baseball coach at the time of his......crime against humanity.
Catch Butler coach Brad Stevens as he heads to the NCAA Final Four

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