Friday, March 25, 2011

FoodMatters - A Must See

I wrote this review after watching this "must-see" documentary about food. Its basic message is very clear; you are what you eat. Discovering that foods we eat can be poisonous, then learning that medicines we take can be poisonous, its no wonder so many people in one of the richest countries ever are suffering from health related issues.

Here's my take after watching this thought provoking documentary:

DVD ~ Andrew W. Saul

Ingest This Important Healthcare Information, March 16, 2011

This movie is about taking direct action toward curing illness and living healthier lives through nutritional eating and vitamins. I don't know how anyone could view the information shared as quackery. What "FoodMatters" teaches viewers is that what we eat is directly related to our health. The part that will blow you away is the revelation that prescribed and over the counter medicines can be posioneous to our health.

In these times of unaffordable healthcare its comforting to learn that we can limit and possibly prevent serious illness by educating ourselves on proper nutrition. But to benefit from the information and methods shared in this documentary will take a concentrated effort by those willing to follow the advice. The choice is all yours.

I noticed that unlike the many medicine and drug advertisments aired nonstop on television, good nutrition does not use scare tactics to prove its curing effects. Good nutrition proves itself by awarding you with a healthier happier life. Foodmatters is not trying to sell you anything. Its a healing program that'll open your eyes if you haven't already crowned your doctor a messiah.

Invest in your health, its the one commodity that cannot be bought with dollars or replaced when broken.

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