Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Spaniard

In the sport of boxing there's one true means by which to measure the effectiveness of a boxer's skills. That being, can he knock MoFo's out? Its not a matter of putting on a pugilistic clinic so much as overpowering his enemy that gives boxers indestructible reputations.

Fans in the past crowded around to watch Iron Mike Tyson not because of his footwork or clever use of the ring. Folks enjoyed watching Mike simply because he knocked Mofo's out. It was quick and it was brutal. There was no "sweet science" in the method of Mike Tyson. Brute force entered the ring, brute force laid out its opponent then left the ring. End of story. Those were the days.

I don't think we'll ever see another Mike Tyson. But tonight I saw a boxer who mixes both speed and power with a brute sort of force. His style is a bit unorthodox yet he measures up to what we see as pound-for-pound greatness. Tonight the commentators pointed out his ability to "out jab the jabber" in beating an opponent, who's known for his superior jabbing skills, to the punch. They also compared his juking style and handspeed to that of Roy Jones, Jr. Just so happens that Roy was in the booth and agreed with the comparion, taking it as a compliment.

The boxer with such enduring stamina, lightening quickness and knockout power in both hands hails from Argentina and now resides in Oxnard, California. He defended his WBC Middleweight Championship belt against Ukrainian challenger Sergiy Dzindziruk. He won by TKO in round 8 after knocking Dzindziruk down 5 times in the fight. He showed yet again his courageous fearlessness in going after his opponent with unbridled abandon.

His two previous fights against Kelly Pavlik and Paul Williams both ended with crushing knockouts of the two. Knockouts you'll find on any of boxing's best of the year highlights. Ring Magazine named him their 2010 Fighter of the Year. After seeing him tonight I'd have to agree with ring magazine. With each knockout it seems he gains more confidence. After his win tonight he welcomed as challengers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

So who's this Argentine boxer I've labeled "The Spaniard?"

He's thirty-six year old Sergio Martinez. He's a champion who's hungry to show that he belongs in the ring with the best. There's something I see in the spaniard that makes me think one day he'll shock the boxing world. Maybe his will to win is so strong because he's past the prime age for boxing. Whatever it is that drives the spaniard with such a vengeance, it sure has us boxing fans craving for more. We simply can't wait to see him knockout the next MoFo!

47 Wins

26 Knockouts

2 Losses

2 Draws

0 No Contests

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