Tuesday, February 01, 2011

World Series Champion Fanfest 2011

World Seris MVP Edgar Renteria's "shot heard around the world II"

Damn, I still can't believe that my San Francisco Giants ARE World Series Champions. The man who clinched the final world series game with a 3-run homer may have left the building, but memories of his mvp worthy gargantuan feat still gives Giants fans plenty to celebrate about.
This weekend will mark the 18th annual Giants fanfest day and I can't remember ever attending one with such pride and exhilaration. A Championship truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

This fan appreciation day will bring out more Giants fans than ever before. I don't mind the bandwagon fans who came aboard during the championship run. I actually welcome the green-gilled twenty-somethings clad in orange. The beauty of Giants fandom is that it crosses all ages, cultures and genders (san francisco has more than 2.)

So the invite is open to all fans who went wild cheering the SF Giants toward that ultimate moment of triumph on November 1, 2010. That autumn day is one that will live forever in the hearts and souls of so many orange & black wearing baseball fans.

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