Monday, February 14, 2011

Oakland Raiders Highlight Vault - 2002

I remember watching this game on a Sunday Night at the old San Francisco Boathouse restaurant. I was amongst a host of hater Niner Fans and a sprinkling of respectable Pittsburgh Steerler fans. It was me, my girl and one crazed Janis Joplin looking woman all proudly sporting silver & black gear, cheering like Big Brother and Holding Company were in the house. But it was the Raiders who played the house like a psychedelic rock band.

I spent the night oowing and aahing as Quarterback Rich Gannon zipped passes for 403 total yards, Receiver Jerry Rice catching everything zipped his way, Raiders defense snatching 5 turnovers, Runningback Charlie Garner spinning and speeding away from would be tacklers all night with the prettiest of moves and Terry Kirby answering one Steelers score by taking the ensuing kickoff back to the house.

It was a memorable night that I'll always cherish as a proud Oakland Raiders fan moment. The evening would end in a glorious 30-17 Raiders Victory. One fan recently commented that Steelers are still trying to tackle #25 Charlie Garner!

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