Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sports Live Streaming WebSite Seized!

Its a sad day in sports when one of the few free Live Video Streaming sites is permanently shutdown. I suspected that they were operating without permission and/or license to do business legally, but never thought that Homeland Security would be in on the bust.
In a visit to their site today to view super bowl media week highlights, I was met with the above official looking document. Could just be a homeade notification but why? Did the big major network guys finally send their goons out to pay a visit to the streaming site administrators with an offer they couldn't refuse? Sure will ruin someone's Super Bowl Party.
The question I'm left with is how much of a threat to our nation's homefront was this site of live streaming sports and television broadcasts? I suppose with the phasing out of Homeland Security's color-coded terror threat Advisory System due April 27, 2011 , the national security advisors have begun targeting the lesser evils of mankind.
What will they target next, Hooters?
Come'On Man!

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